The Okavango
The delta is fed by the Okavango River, the 4th longest in Africa.  As it flows into this basin, which ranges from between 3,000 to 5,000 square miles, it flattens and spreads.  Most of the water evaporates.
Botswana is a semi-desert, as rain does fall in the warmer months but sporadically.  Thanks to the Angolan rains, this area becomes an oasis for thirsty animals in the dry, winter months, which explains why they are here in such high concentrations.  It explains why I am here, really, why any of us are here. 
The animals are pushed together by a need for water, all but ensuring visitors see animals interacting with other species and their own.  I think that’s what makes this area special.  Anyone can see a lion, just go to a zoo.  Here you can see a lion interacting with its mates, as they care for their cubs, as he protects his pride against intruder lions, who, given the chance, would kill his cubs and take his territory.  Here you can see a leopard stalking warthogs and impala.  Here you can witness how life moves in a place without fencing.  It is brutal and beautiful at the same time. 

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