Iceland Your Way
There seems to be a variety of ways to experience Iceland. 
Many folks take a cruise and stop in at various points along the coast. The ship then sails to Scotland or Ireland or England. These are smaller boats and tend to be wealthier travelers. There are lectures and fine food. Passengers sip bespoke cocktails and enjoy travel apart from the unwashed masses. In the airport at Keflavik they were all dressed the same and easy to spot. Many were fighting with their spouses about something inane. Travel is stressful. 
Other folks do bus tours. This is where you sit on a bus and watch the landscape go by while someone lectures. Everything is preplanned – where you sleep, where you eat, what you do, what you enjoy – all for one low price. I am not a fan of group guided tours, mainly because I don’t like being told what to do. Also, you’re stuck with strangers in an enclosed space for long periods of time. That’s not vacation. It’s Hell. 
Another is by bike. It’s similar to driving with three notable exceptions. One, things pass by much slower. Two, the power for forward locomotion comes from you and not fossil fuels. This requires planning for constant refueling. Three, there is no climate control. The climate is uncontrolled. Expect constant dampness.  I guess there’s also the added benefit of annoying the piss out of hundreds of people in cars who must slow way down and carefully pass, since an accident would surely ruin their trip and damage the rental car.
Others hitchhike. It’s a good bet someone is going your direction, as there are only two: counter-clockwise and clockwise. That’s the benefit of a circular road.
Some people rent road maggots (RVs) and bring their lodging everywhere they go. There are many different sizes, shapes, and types to rent. Van life and Instagram for the Influencer win! Look how off the grid I am! I woke up on a cliff overlooking The North Atlantic. My life is amazing, and you can too! Just like and subscribe to my blog. Yes, I see the irony of that last sentence. 
Unfortunately, many places prohibit overnight parking. Usually the portable dwelling travelers sleep in grassy parking lots along the road. The surrounding views are sublime, but what you most overlook is your neighbors and their portable dwelling. Some have communal showers and bathroom facilities. So, that’s an amazing experience to keep close to your heart.
Other people do what we’ve done, which is rent a car and strike out on their own. There are a myriad of websites which break down the sites and stops for 4, 6, or 10 day trips along Iceland’s famous Ring Road.
Regardless of your price point and level of adventure, be it yachting or walking, there are many ways to explore Iceland. Choose wisely.

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