Fun Facts About Lance
Travels extensively, and writes about it in his travelogue, Cleared For Departure.  If interested, you can subscribe.  Click here to read a sample post.  
Wrote a book about his experiences during the Rio Olympic Games (where he won a Participation Trophy, I mean, Emmy) entitled, Letters from Rio.  It is a sardonic and honest look at life behind the world's largest sporting event.  Hasn't watched the Olympics since.
Appreciates the opportunity in The United States but longs for the lifestyle of New Zealand.
Once saved a wedding reception’s lighting in a tent on a remote part of Long Island by using the foil found in a cigarette pack to bridge a blown fuse in a lighting console minutes before guests were scheduled to arrive.  
Astrological sign is Leo.
Had a train table growing up and still loves trains as an adult.  Has also been to the lowest level of Grand Central Station, toured the steam tunnels in the area, as well as the main control room for Metro-North.  To do this, he pretended to be someone's nephew.  Watches live train feeds on
Wrote and published a book introducing a unified theory of human behavior.  It is still available for purchase at Lulu.
Was first chair All-County Band in Greenville, South Carolina in 8th grade.  He played the trombone through college and still plays the piano.
Has worked more than 750 events and performances in his career, of that roughly 500 were weddings.  
Went Mac in college and never looked back.  His mom eventually switched over because he stopped providing technical support for her older Windows machine.
Refuses to eat mushrooms (because he saw one growing in a shower once).  Loves Blue Moon beer.   Enjoys a good tequila.  Craves extremely spicy food, but it makes him sweat.
Favorite publications are The New Yorker and The New York Times.
Played Harold Hill in The Music Man his sophomore year of high school.   Never acted again.  
Has loved only three women his entire life -- he married the third after almost 8 years of dating.   
Lives in Manhattan and walks most places whenever possible.  Routinely has to re-sole his shoes and replace his black Nike sneakers. 
Nearly drowned at a very young age; remembers it vividly.  Knows that dying is not as scary as it may feel. 
Trespasses with reckless abandon in the name of good photography.  Almost arrested several times.  Almost shot (in rural Virginia along Route 11) once.    
Favorite song is Losing My Religion by R.E.M.  Growing up he was a die-hard Ghostbusters fan.  Still is.
His mother insists he has been fashion conscious since a very young age. 
His father is Syrian, born and raised in Damascus, and his great-grandparents are from Latvia. 
Only cooks while wearing his chef’s coat, and suspects it improves the food’s taste by 22%. 
He’s a big fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation and still owns an impressive amount of Magic: The Gathering playing cards, both of which embarrass his wife tremendously.
Has never owned a car.  
Possesses zero self-control around a cheese platter.
Loves macro, landscape, and non-traditional self portrait photography.  
Loves all things aviation.  Hopes to learn how to fly one day.
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