I grew up in Florida, attended middle school in South Carolina, high school in North Carolina, and college at Virginia Tech.  After a decade in the freelance trenches of New York City’s event, performance, and television scene, I became adept at photography, videography, project management, lighting design and direction.  I have loved light and cameras my entire life.    
I can serve any number of roles, including Videographer, Director of Photography, Lighting Designer or Director, Video Shader, and Client Service Agent.  I'm familiar with studio and ENG lighting techniques for both film and live television.
Have a project you need lit or shot?  Head over to the Contact page and shoot me a note.   
Access to my reel available upon request.
Work History while at The Lighting Design Group
Early Start, New Day, At This Hour with Kate Bolduan
Airing on CNN
5/2018 to 5/2019
Airing on Facebook via BuzzFeed News
7/2018 to 5/2019
Airing on Twitter via BuzzFeed News
9/2017 to 5/2019
MMA Beat and MMA Hour
Airing on VOX via the web
6/2017 to 5/2019

Anderson Cooper 360, Erin Burnett Out Front, CNN Tonight with Don Lemon
Airing on CNN
8/2014 to 5/2018
SE Cupp Unfiltered
Airing on CNN
8/2017 to 5/2018

Quest Means Business and State of America
Airing on CNN International
8/2014 to 5/2018

Crime and Justice with Ashleigh Banfield
Aired on HLN
10/2016 to 10/2018
Morning Drive, Golf Central, Olympic Golf Tournament Coverage
Aired on Golf Channel during the Summer Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro
Goodspeed Musicals Annual Gala
Private Annual Fundraiser for Goodspeed Musicals
2010 - 2016, 2018, 2019
Brown University 250th Anniversary Gala
Private Event at The Lincoln Center
Consider This and Real Money with Ali Velshi 
Aired on Al Jazeera America
Viewpoint with Jon Fugelsang, Say Anything with Joy Behar, Viewpoint with Elliot Spitzer
Aired on Current TV
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