Lance Darcy works for The Lighting Design Group, based in New York City, which provides a range of services from lighting design to systems installation, including project management and equipment rental.
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Biography (Abridged)

I grew up in Florida, attended middle school in South Carolina, high school in North Carolina, and college at Virginia Tech. Only after a decade in the freelance trenches of New York City’s event, performance, and television scene did I really become adept at photography, project management, lighting design and direction. I have loved light all my life.

I'm familiar with studio and on-site lighting techniques for both film and television.

Have a project you need lit or shot? Reach out by calling the office at 212-685-4940.

Access to my reel available upon request.

Work History for The Lighting Design Group

MMA Beat and MMA Hour
Airing on VOX via the web
6/2017 to present

Primetime Justice with Ashleigh Banfield
Airing on HLN at 8 PM.
10/2016 to present

Anderson Cooper 360, Erin Burnett Out Front, CNN Tonight with Don Lemon
Airing on CNN
8/2014 to present

Quest Means Business
Airing on CNN International
8/2014 to present

Morning Drive, Golf Central, Olympic Golf Tournament Coverage
Aired on Golf Channel during the Summer Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro

Goodspeed Musicals Annual Gala
Private Annual Fundraiser for Goodspeed Musicals
2010 - 2016

Brown University 250th Anniversary Gala
Private Event at The Lincoln Center

Consider This
Aired on Al Jazeera America

Real Money with Ali Velshi
Aired on Al Jazeera America

Viewpoint with Jon Fugelsang
Aired on Current TV

Say Anything with Joy Behar
Aired on Current TV

Viewpoint with Elliot Spitzer
Aired on Current TV

Did You Know?

  • Loves the opportunity in The United States but longs for the lifestyle and culture of New Zealand.
  • Once saved a wedding reception’s lighting in a tent on a remote part of Long Island by using the foil found in a cigarette pack minutes before guests were scheduled to arrive.
  • Astrological sign is Leo.
  • Won an Emmy for his time in Rio during the 2016 Olympic Games.
  • In lieu of a light model during cuing for Crimes Of The Heart, he dressed up a 6’ plastic ficus tree and dragged it around the set instead. Named it Alfred.
  • Had a train table growing up and still loves trains as an adult. Has also been to the lowest level of Grand Central Station, toured the steam tunnels in the area, as well as the main control room for Metro-North.
  • Wrote and published a book introducing a unified theory of human behavior. It is still available for purchase on
  • Was first chair All-County Band in Greenville, South Carolina in 8th grade. He played the trombone through college, and still plays the piano when one is available.
  • Has worked more than 750 events and performances in his career, of that roughly 500 were weddings. Oddly has only been invited to two weddings, where he sat both times at the left-overs table.
  • Went Mac in college and never looked back. His entire family eventually switched over because he stopped providing technical support for their older Windows machines.
  • Refuses to eat mushrooms (because he saw one growing in a shower once). Loves Blue Moon beer. Has a thing for tequila. Craves extremely spicy food.
  • Reads The New Yorker and The New York Times religiously.
  • Played Harold Hill in The Music Man his sophomore year of high school. Never acted again afterwards.
  • Has loved only three women his entire life -- he married the third after almost 8 years of dating.
  • Won numerous awards and scholarships in college and graduated Magna Cum Laude, only to realize later in this industry it has absolutely no bearing on anything at all whatsoever.
  • Lives in Manhattan and walks most places whenever possible. Routinely has to re-sole his shoes.
  • When lighting the play Sexual Perversity in Chicago in college, he conducted lighting research of upscale bars by bar-hopping through Georgetown on Christmas Eve with his mother. He was 20.
  • Nearly drowned at a very young age; remembers it vividly. Now knows that dying isn't scary.
  • Trespasses with reckless abandon in the name of good photography. Almost went to jail several times. Almost shot (in rural Virginia) once.
  • Favorite movie is The Usual Suspects. Favorite song is Losing My Religion by R.E.M. Growing up he was a die-hard Ghostbusters fan.
  • His mother insists he has been fashion conscious since a very young age.
  • His father is Syrian, and his great-grandparents are from Latvia.
  • Only cooks while wearing his chef’s coat, and he insists improves food’s taste by 20%.
  • He’s a big fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation and still owns an impressive amount of Magic: The Gathering playing cards, both of which embarrass his wife.
  • Has never owned a car.
  • Possesses zero self-control around a cheese platter and cookies.
  • Loves macro, landscape, and non-traditional self portrait photography.
  • Travels extensively.