My Name in Lights

Or, maybe, just a press release saying I won an Emmy for my time in Rio this past summer at the Olympics.

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The Perils of Email in the Broadcast Workplace

Check out the latest article on Newscast Studio, where I discuss email … and how much I hate it.


The Vectorworks Dilemma

On the latest LD On The DL I explore the uneasy relationship Vectorworks has with the industry who relies on it.

Can LEDs Replace Tungsten?

Can LEDs replace tungsten? During LDI 2013 in Las Vegas I sat in on a class that tried to answer this very complicated question.

Take a look here.

Magic Boxes

Is the following video from real or not?

- Watch More Funny VideosEver Seen Projection Mapping On A Moving Surface?

Pretty impressive stuff. “Vegas level…” according to description on the webpage.

I suppose it is possible with a fast enough processor. Though, when something looks too good to be true …

Cleard To Land 1 4 Right

Check out the latest LD On The DL, where I discuss how similar our jobs are to aviation, and what exactly that means.

Log Book

Attached is a scan of my log book I use to keep track of how many hours I programmed for.

Basic show information is also recorded.

The orange highlight means some type of error made it to air.

Cool Art Project In Sydney

When projection mapping is done correctly, it’s quite a powerful visual effect. I’m a lighting guy at heart, but even I must admit there is no comparison.

  • Check out Vivid Lights in Sydney, which goes through June 10th. Some really beautiful images.
From the Australian ABC website:

Sydney buildings have been transformed into a kaleidescope of colour as Vivid Lights turns old facades into artistic canvases. In this video we present Vivid in a minute - a bite sized tour of the light installations that will run until Monday 10 June, scattered through Circular Quay, the Opera House, Walsh Bay, Darling Harbour and The Rocks.

Here’s a video about it:

My First Show. Ever.

We’re moving, which means my wife and I are going through a period of purging stuff we either no longer need or want to keep.

Years ago I found these pictures of my first lighting design (at Leesville Road High School) in either 1996 or 1997. The show is called Pvt. Wars, a sardonic look at the human costs of war.

Sadly, I don’t remember who the cast is anymore.

Not ultra-sophisticated … in either a design or photography perspective. Fortunately, I’ve improved a lot since then.

At least I like to think so.

Press: Summer Concert Series