NPR Continues The Story

I’m really pleased to see NPR doing a story about internships. The title: Internships: Low-Paid, Unpaid Or Just Plain Illegal? I think growing awareness of the abuse some interns face in the name of “education” is a good thing. Follow the link to listen to the story.

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Or here where I ask who exactly do internships benefit?

N.Y. Times Continues The Story

Interestingly the N.Y Times has released an article about the abuse most interns and younger employees face. You can read the article by click here. Quite telling ...

My original piece regarding my discomfort surrounding internship programs is here.

I think we ultimately have a supply versus demand problem. There’s a glut of supply clumping up at the bottom because upward mobility is extremely difficult. Those slots are taken, and the people occupying them aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

When supply and demand become unbalanced, workers lose. A confluence of factors means younger workers are hit especially hard.

Internship Season

Soon it will be intern season. It’s a time of year I’m largely uncomfortable with, which I explore in the first LD On The DL of 2013. Check it out.

Who Do Internships Benefit?

Who exactly do internships benefit? Check out the latest LD On The DL where I ask some tough questions.