blowing rock

Snapsots: Christmas in NC


"The Maze"

Waking in Appalachia it's easy to understand how it received its reputation for being a mystical place, full of dark and ancient magic.

The Appalachian mountains are a very old mountain chain; they were old even when the dinosaurs dominated Earth.

Worn down to nearly nothing now, I find it hard to ignore the gentle pull of these aging giants and the area.

The Maze
Blowing Rock, NC

Video: A Day in the Mountains

I'm a fan of photography and a big fan of time lapse photography.

I also love the Appalachian Mountains, and Blowing Rock, NC in particular.

Over many visits, I've recorded several time lapses, and here combined them into a finished product.

It's odd to me how much those mountains feel like home. Or, more like coming home.

Snapshots: North Carolina Vacation

Once again my family vacationed in Blowing Rock this summer.

We took a day trip to Asheville and visited The Biltmore House.

We hiked, we canoed, we toured, we ate and drank.

It's odd to me how much I love my home, New York, and yet how drawn I am to the very ancient Appalachian Mountains.


"Hero Shot"

Grandfather Mountain
Blowing Rock, North Carolina

Snapshots: Blowing Rock