Snapsots: Linville Caverns

Caverns are odd places as tourist attractions go. I always wondered why they used such amber lights. Turns out when you white balance the images, the greens (which are suppressed in the amber glow) really pop. Perhaps some guests find this alarming. I do.

I could go without the silly stories of what rock formations create and more science, alas, "wedding chapels," "pipe organs," and "bacon" are about as technical as it gets.

Rarely mentioned is the damage wrought by humans. All the bats in this cave are dead from WNS, spread by us. The pathway and brick wall don't appear to be natural formations. The damage to the walls (algae spores and broken off rock formations which take centuries to grow) are also because of us.

It all makes me think of the principle called The Observer Effect - to observe a thing is to change it. No where is that more evident in caves.


"The Maze"

Waking in Appalachia it's easy to understand how it received its reputation for being a mystical place, full of dark and ancient magic.

The Appalachian mountains are a very old mountain chain; they were old even when the dinosaurs dominated Earth.

Worn down to nearly nothing now, I find it hard to ignore the gentle pull of these aging giants and the area.

The Maze
Blowing Rock, NC

Snapsots: Christmas in NC


"Like Magic"


"Like Magic"
Max and Hal Ferguson
New Market, VA

Snapshots: Thanksgiving

When in Rome, see the sights.

When in Virginia, enjoy family and shoot guns.

And perhaps photograph a lovely sunset.


Snapshots: Election Night

it was an election night we won't soon forget.


Snapshots: Midtown Sunset

The view on top of 230 5th Avenue is remarkable.

The drink prices, however, are too.


Snapshots: NYBG Pumpkins


Snapshots: JFK Approach

After over a month away in Rio, flying back home felt like seeing an old friend again.

On this August afternoon we took a lazy and looping path towards JFK.

I never tire looking out the window. So much humanity and diversity crammed into such a small space.

It's good to be back.


Snapshots: North Carolina Vacation

Once again my family vacationed in Blowing Rock this summer.

We took a day trip to Asheville and visited The Biltmore House.

We hiked, we canoed, we toured, we ate and drank.

It's odd to me how much I love my home, New York, and yet how drawn I am to the very ancient Appalachian Mountains.


"Hero Shot"

Grandfather Mountain
Blowing Rock, North Carolina

The Turks & Caicos Islands

The Turks & Caicos Islands are an odd place.

They owe their existence to a reef that encompasses the island chain. Most natives, or belongers, who live here are descendants from slave ships that crashed on that reef. Tourists are surrounded by opulence, and yet you cannot help but notice something is amiss.

The government is fantastically corrupt. The UK took back control to end the dysfunction and hasn't yet given it back. The local adult population is overwhelmingly obese, while the children and teenagers all look emaciated -- a sign of a diet rich in carbohydrates and little else. Since the country must import all food, it is very expensive. Unfinished and abandoned hotels and properties dot the landscape. Tourism and attracting second home owners are the only two industries. In the posher resorts, guest facing staff are imported from Asian countries. We stayed on Parrot Cay, whose original name was Pirate Cay. (For branding purposes the government decided to change it.)

Yet my wife and I keep going back, attracted to the area's innate, natural beauty.


Video: Janet Berka Interview

Shot, Directed, and Edited by Lance Darcy

Lower Manhattan

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Snapshot: Room View a View


Parrot Cay
Turks & Caicos Islands

Snapshot: Ruby & Max


Ruby & Max
New Market, VA

Video: Rachel Alulis Interview

Shot, Directed, and Edited by Lance Darcy


Despite me and my wife's choice to not have kids of our own, they still fascinate me.

Children are at once complex beings with rich inner worlds, while simultaneously being driven by very basic, egocentric needs -- things like food, attention, or stimulation.

All except one of these pictures were taken without Aram noticing. I don't usually take pictures without the subject's knowledge.

However, there's an authenticity captured that was not possible otherwise.


Snapshot: NYC In Spring

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