Snapshots: The Final Frontier

The night sky in winter in New Market, Virginia is nothing short of spectacular.

Snapshots: Gingerbread

Every year the family makes a gingerbread house. There’s only one rule: Except for the base, everything must be edible.

Edible perhaps, but not particularly tasty. The icing dries harder than cement, and the dough is anything but scrumptious.

Still, it’s a fun tradition that brings us all together. This year three couples made three quite distinct houses.

Snapshots: Virginia Wild

New Market, VA

Snapshots: Vegas Panoramas

Lake Mead
Boulder City, Nevada

Red Rock Canyon
Las Vegas, Nevada

Snapshots: Leaving Las Vegas

My wife raced in the Rock ’n Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon this past November.

Naturally, I brought my camera along. Our more touristy adventures included The Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon.

The Fountains at The Bellagio

Hoover Dam

Red Rock Canyon

A Stranger In A Strange Land

I had the opportunity to sit in on The Projection Master Classes, held at LDI 2013 in Las Vegas.

It was an interesting trip. Read all about it.

Can LEDs Replace Tungsten?

Can LEDs replace tungsten? During LDI 2013 in Las Vegas I sat in on a class that tried to answer this very complicated question.

Take a look here.

Snapshots: Panoramas

Recently I started shooting panoramas.

My love of landscape photography meshes well with panoramic shots. Often I wish there was a lens wide enough to capture the totality of a stunning vista.

Thankfully, through Photoshop there’s away to capture it all.

Check out a few examples.

Fancy Gap, VA

Fancy Gap, VA

Bald Mountain
Bear Mountain State Park
New York

Snapshots: Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain State Park is located close to my home in NYC. We went hiking on a crisp Saturday morning hoping to catch some pretty fall foliage.

The difficult 7 mile hike did not disappoint. Afterwards we ate (a lot) at Chilis.

Leave it to city dwellers to celebrate the best of rural and suburban America in one weekend day.

Snapshots: Japanese Gardens

NYBG hosted a really amazing Japanese Garden exhibit this October. Mostly on display were various Chrysanthemums grown in very peculiar ways that differ greatly from Western practices.

I also snapped some various water lilies.

Time Lapse Chicago

Photographer Max Wilson has completed a really amazing project. Take a look.

Chicago Timelapse Project - Windy City Nights from Max Wilson on Vimeo.

I’m a big fan of time lapse photography. It shows us a world video or cinema photography cannot. It also takes time and compresses it into a manageable, digestible chunk.

But being a good photographer takes skills beyond the camera, which Max Wilson goes into great detail about.

Magic Boxes

Is the following video from real or not?

- Watch More Funny VideosEver Seen Projection Mapping On A Moving Surface?

Pretty impressive stuff. “Vegas level…” according to description on the webpage.

I suppose it is possible with a fast enough processor. Though, when something looks too good to be true …

Don't Feed The Birds

On the one hand, feeding pigeons in New York City is the mark of a lonely person. You’re feeding flying rats and actual rats -- both of which are a nuisance. It’s also illegal.

On the other hand, how impressive is the video quality of the iPhone when shot in broad daylight!?

Snapshots: Summer 2013

Snapshots: Blowing Rock

A Lion Ate It

I just saw this the other day. My wife sent it over.

I’m guessing the warranty didn’t anticipate this from happening …


From Petapixel’s website:

Atlanta-based photographer Ed Hetherington makes a living photographing weddings, but earlier this month he traveled to Zimbabwe for a wildlife photography adventure. While there, he had a unique experience he won’t soon forget: a lion stole his camera.

Cleard To Land 1 4 Right

Check out the latest LD On The DL, where I discuss how similar our jobs are to aviation, and what exactly that means.

Log Book

Attached is a scan of my log book I use to keep track of how many hours I programmed for.

Basic show information is also recorded.

The orange highlight means some type of error made it to air.

Snapshots: Spencer, NC

Have I ever mentioned how much I love trains?

Snapshots: Umstead Park

Before departing Raleigh, I visited Umstead Park.

I find it curious I never visited the park when I actually lived in Raleigh. For five years, I just ignored it.

Now equipped with my camera, I can finally see this place. In fact, this is a reoccurring theme: My camera helps me see what has always been.

That is, perhaps, a great power of still photography.

Snapshots: Spring 2013

Under the oppressive air and flow of sweat, we say goodbye to spring.

This spring was particularly long and beautiful. The cool weather lasted as long as it possibly could.

Soon the City will slow and empty for the two, long summer months; the hum of A.C. units fills the streets.

Summer in New York is a unique time, an unmistakeable mix of heat, sex, and humanity that contrasts with a slower, more deliberate pace.

Snapshots: Sailing

My wife likes sailing like I like trains -- which is to say, irrationally.

For our anniversary I got her a trip abroad a sail boat the trips around the Manhattan harbor.

Snapshots: NEP 33 Studio Crew

Things are changing quickly at NEP 33. Al Jazeera has taken over, and our old shows will be canceled in the fullness of time.

So before our world up-ends, I thought it would be cool to take a few pictures of the old set and crew.

The T.V. business is a vicious and ever changing organism. For all the imagery we record daily, only still photography captures things and hold them in place.

Snapshots: A President's House

Mt. Vernon: In stormy weather.

The Argument Against Graduate School

Is graduate school worth it for our industry?

I think not, and discuss it in this month’s LD On The DL.

Check it out here.

NPR Continues The Story

I’m really pleased to see NPR doing a story about internships. The title: Internships: Low-Paid, Unpaid Or Just Plain Illegal? I think growing awareness of the abuse some interns face in the name of “education” is a good thing. Follow the link to listen to the story.

Click here to read about my own discomfort with internships.

Or here where I ask who exactly do internships benefit?

Canon Reaches, And For Your Wallet

Canon just released a new lens, and it’s pretty awesome. Read More…

My Favorite Word

What’s your favorite word? Mine is, well, complicated. Read More…

Cool Art Project In Sydney

When projection mapping is done correctly, it’s quite a powerful visual effect. I’m a lighting guy at heart, but even I must admit there is no comparison.

  • Check out Vivid Lights in Sydney, which goes through June 10th. Some really beautiful images.
From the Australian ABC website:

Sydney buildings have been transformed into a kaleidescope of colour as Vivid Lights turns old facades into artistic canvases. In this video we present Vivid in a minute - a bite sized tour of the light installations that will run until Monday 10 June, scattered through Circular Quay, the Opera House, Walsh Bay, Darling Harbour and The Rocks.

Here’s a video about it:

Chillaxing At The New House

Moving sucks. No question about it. The new place, however, is pretty awesome. And we’re all unpacked.

Good to be home.

Petapixel Does What?

Sigma did what everyone else wanted to but couldn’t: A 18-35mm/f1.8 lens.


It’s mainly for use with a crop sensor camera, but still the technological innovation is quite amazing. This lens offers a full stop of light more than its competitors.

Can’t wait to try it! Go Sigma!

Ultra Music Festival

From Live Design:

Watch the time lapse of the Ultra Music Festival Carl Cox mega structure being built. The stage was designed by Stephen Lieberman of  SJ Lighting, with production by AG Light and Sound.


AG Lights & Sound - Mega Structure - Ultra Music Festival 2013 - Time-Lapse from ASK Media Productions on Vimeo.

Saying Goodbye

After ten years it’s time to say goodbye to our apartment on the Upper East Side.
Read More…

My First Show. Ever.

We’re moving, which means my wife and I are going through a period of purging stuff we either no longer need or want to keep.

Years ago I found these pictures of my first lighting design (at Leesville Road High School) in either 1996 or 1997. The show is called Pvt. Wars, a sardonic look at the human costs of war.

Sadly, I don’t remember who the cast is anymore.

Not ultra-sophisticated … in either a design or photography perspective. Fortunately, I’ve improved a lot since then.

At least I like to think so.

N.Y. Times Continues The Story

Interestingly the N.Y Times has released an article about the abuse most interns and younger employees face. You can read the article by click here. Quite telling ...

My original piece regarding my discomfort surrounding internship programs is here.

I think we ultimately have a supply versus demand problem. There’s a glut of supply clumping up at the bottom because upward mobility is extremely difficult. Those slots are taken, and the people occupying them aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

When supply and demand become unbalanced, workers lose. A confluence of factors means younger workers are hit especially hard.

In-Studio Shannagins

Ever wonder what goes on in a television studio when not taping?

Do what out for falling objects from the grid …

The Harlem Shake

4Wall Lighting does the Harlem Shake like only 4Wall can do.

New Direction for TV?

I’ll be curious to see how younger companies like The Huffington Post take T.V. in a new direction. With a different economic model, it could be one helluva ride.

The TV Newser article is linked here.

For more on The Lighting Design Group, click here.

Internship Season

Soon it will be intern season. It’s a time of year I’m largely uncomfortable with, which I explore in the first LD On The DL of 2013. Check it out.

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a healthy and wealthy New Year. Onward to 2013!